DCS Battery Operated Ignition System Value Pack for many 48" Grills

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DCS Battery-Operated Ignition System Kit for Many 48" Grills

Restores The Ignition System for Grills With 4 Main Burners

Value Pack Contains 22 Pieces!

Please See List of Parts Below

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Production Type Factory (OEM)
Categories Electrical Components, Rebuild Kits
Grill Model BG Model, BGA Model, BGB Model, BGC Model, BH1 Model, BE1 Model, EDV Model
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DCS Battery-Operated Ignition System Value Pack for Many 48" Grills contains all of the ignition parts needed to be able to light any of your grill's main burners with a push of a button. Rebuild the ignition system on many DCS model beginning with BG48, BGA48 , BGB48 & BGC48 and more. Restores the ignition system for DSC outdoor grills with 4 main burners. Side-burner, I/R burner and smoker burner electrodes and hardware are sold separately

All Parts included are made by DCS except for the Ignition Button, which is obsolete

Do you only need a some of these ignition parts? All parts can be purchased individually

This value pack contains all of the following parts:

  • #211717  14.5” Electrode               $65.00
  • #211719   35” Electrode                 $77.00
  • #211718   29" Electrode                 $77.00
  • #211720   45” Electrode                 $92.00
  • #214293   Collector Box                 $9.00 each (4)
  • #211242P Screws for Box (10 PK) $6.00
  • #212334   Battery Mod.                   $73.00
  • #211825   40” Ignition Wire w/ Term $17.00 (2)
  • #IGEIB18PB Ignition Button           $19.00

Note: Part description, numbers and pricing may change over time to mirror the current manufactures recommendation.  If you are unsure if this value pack will work on your grill, please contact a Parts Professional at 1-800-357-5044

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