DCS Thermocouple 2C Robertshaw 72

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DCS Thermocouple 2C Robertshaw 72

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Categories Rotisserie
Grill Model DCS Model, DCS A Model, DCS D Model, DCS E Model, DCS F Model, BG Model, BGA Model, BGB Model, BGC Model, EDV Model
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DCS Thermocouple 2C Robertshaw 72 is part od a safety device used in DCS outdoor grills with rotisserie. If your I/R burner stops burning while in use the thermocouple will cool off and automatically close the safety valve. This prevents fuel from continuing to flow to the I/R burner. If the I/R burner ignites normally but does not stay lit for any period of time, your thermocouple may need adjusted or replaced. This thermocouple is used in the following DCS outdoor grill models:

  • DCS27D-BQR
  • DCS27-BQS, -BQRS
  • DCS27F-BQR
  • EDV27-BQR
  • BG27-BQR
  • BG36-BQAR
  • BG48-BQR, -BQAR
  • BGA27-BQR
  • BGA36-BQAR
  • BGA48-BQR
  • BGB30-BQR #70004 & #70004-A
  • BGB36-BQAR #70006-A
  • BGB48-BQAR #70008-A
  • BGB48-BQRN #70494-A
  • And Many More

Please refer to your individual grill's parts manual when selecting a thermocouple. If you are unsure if this thermocouple is the correct one for your grill, please contact a Parts Professional at 1-800-357-5044

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