DCS Safety Valve Button

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DCS Button Safety Valve for Select Later Models

Please See The List Of Grill Model Below

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Grill Model DCS Model, DCS A Model, DCS B Model, DCS C Model, DCS D Model, DCS E Model, DCS F Model, BG Model, BGA Model, BGB Model
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DCS Safety Valve Button for Select Later Models is the black button which when pressed allows the flow of gas through the safety valve to the I/R burner. This button should be held for 10 seconds or until the I/R Rotisserie burner is ignited. The Safety Valve Bezel is the black ring that goes around it (Part number 211050).

This Safety Valve Button is used on all of the following DCS outdoor grill models begining with:

  • DCS27
  • DCS36A, DCS48A
  • DCS27D, DCS36D, DCS48D
  • DCS36E, DCS48E
  • DCS27F
  • BG27, BG36, BG48
  • PC-2600, PCA-2600
  • BGB30, BGB36, BGB48

Please refer to your individual grill's parts manual when selecting a Safety Valve Button. If you are unsure if this Safety Valve Button is right for your grill please contact a Parts Professional at 1-800-357-5044

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