DCS On-Cart Liberty Grill Cover

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DCS On-Cart Liberty Grill Cover

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Model # BFG30-VCC
Production Type Factory (OEM)
Categories Grill Covers
Configuration Freestanding
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DCS On-Cart Liberty Grill Cover is made to protect your DCS grill from moisture for many years to come. This fitted cover will fit on-cart 30" DCS Liberty open-top grills.  Just like your DCS grill this cover is heavy duty and made to last. Dual stage vent in back allows heat to escape without rain water coming in. There is no better DCS grill cover on the market today.

Important: A DCS Liberty Grill is a specific type of DCS outdoor grill which does not contain a lid. If your on-cart grill has a lid and is 30" across on the outside, it uses a 30" Grill Cover SKU: 71178 instead. 

If you are unsure if your DCS grill cover will fit on your grill, please contact a Parts Professional at 1-800-357-5044

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