DCS Black Plugs


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DCS Black Plugs

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Production Type Factory (OEM)
Categories Cart Parts, Hardware
Grill Model DCS D Model, DCS E Model, DCS F Model, BG Model, BGA Model, BGB Model, BGC Model
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DCS Black Plugs hardware for outdoor grills and carts. This plug is used in the following outdoor grill models:

  • DCS27D-BQ, -BQR
  • DCS36D-BQ, -BQR, -BQAR
  • DCS48D-BQ, -BQR, -BQAR, -BQA
  • DCS27F-BQ, -BQR
  • BG36-BQAR
  • BG48-BQR, -BQAR
  • BGA27-BQ, -BQR
  • BGA36-BQAR
  • BGA48-BQR, -BQAR
  • And More including Carts

Please refer to your individual grill's parts manual when selecting hardware. If you are unsure if this plug will work in your grill, please contact a Parts Professional at 1-800-357-5044

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